Saturday, October 23, 2010


Funny thing about "Woof." A few years back, someone in the family, and no one is claiming the fame, starting saying "woof" when they walked in the front door.

Now, it is our family greeting that everyone has adopted. We woof on the phone, woof at the door, woof at just about every greeting available to us.

In honor of that, the woof card: Papers are generally from the Citrus Collection. I used the Paper Pups cartridge (of course!) exclusively. The photos make the cardstock look more orange when it is actually red...I used a primary color theme.

ETA: Just after I posted this, I saw that She's A Sassy Lady posted a tutorial on doing partial shapes on the Gypsy, which is exactly the technique I used to do the border on these cards. Basically, I added the bone border overlapping the card (I hid the inside of the bone so it wouldn't cut it out), then recut it to layer over. A very fun technique!