Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wish List Sunday

Not much time for scrappin' today. Took the Mister off to the airport so he could jetset off to Cracow--you know, the one in Poland. Mister travels a fair amount, but generally only within the continental US. However, his boss's boss requested his presence on a last-minute project back in July for the international corporation he works for, which sent him packing for Berlin. Apparently the mainly-European contingent meets quarterly at various locations in Europe, and this quarter--yup--Cracow. Tough life, eh? Wonder where he'll be off to in January? Of course, Mister thinks of his poor family left behind sniff, sniff and brings us yummy gifts. Last time of course it was delicious Haribo Gummy Bears and an incredibly well-made project tote. The Haribos from Germany taste much fruitier than those we get here--I won't even eat US ones because they taste icky to me. But those German ones--yum!

On the way home from the airport, I did trot out to Michael's to pick up a trimmer w/ my 50% off coupon! Then, got a wonderful organizer using a 40% coupon at Joann's. I love me a bargain. Means more money for working up the stash!

I still have some wish list items (hey! who doesn't?) Among them is the new CosmoCricket Line "Circa 1934." This is totally different than my usual bright, citrusy callings, but it is just so different and yummy:

I am also wanting embellishments galore! Oh for endless time and money.

Goal for today? I want to make a sympathy card for a student of mine who lost a family member this past week. I would also like to do another cheerful "hello" type card and play with some design ideas. Look for these posted later in the week. Mister usually photographs for me, so I'll have to struggle with his fancy digital slr camera since he took our point and shoot along with him. Ahem...we'll see how that goes!

Finally, I discovered that Card Trends magazine along with their affiliated magazines, offers online versions! I love that idea since my house fills with clutter far too easily. Although I don't typically love reading on computer screens, I tried it out, and found that the format is wonderful. I also can download issues to my 'puter and archive them myself for future browsing. I really love these mags--lots of elegant ideas, for a great price! Check it out...Magazine LinkOne can have access to all of the magazine issues in the line plus idea books for 9.99 monthly, or 4.99 month for just a single mag. For full disclosure, I'm not affiliated ; )

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