Thursday, November 18, 2010

WinterHeart Paper Arts: Introducing the "I'm Always the Hostess Club"

I am introducing a new club over at WinterHeart Paper Arts--It's the
 "I'm Always the Hostess" Club

The bottom line is, if you purchase $200 of Close to My Heart products within a four-month period, I will give you a $25 gift certificate for every $200 you spend for the entire year of club membership!  You may earn as many gift certificates as you want! Why is it called the I'm Always the Hostess Club?  Because, $25 is the reward for Hostesses of Home Gatherings whose sales are between $150 and $249.  So, every time your purchases add up to $200, it's like you're your own hostess!

Here are the details and rules:
  • Email me at or call  253-222-9802 to join.
  • Commit to purchase $200 worth of products (not including tax and shipping) within 4 months of your date of join.  You do NOT have a monthly minimum.  You can spread it out however you want, but keep in mind tax and shipping apply to each order.
  • After your first $200 is reached, whether in one month, two, three, or four, I will snail mail you a gift certificate for $25. 
  • For each additional cumulative $200 in product purchases, you will receive another $25 gift certificate!  Earn as many gift certificates as you wish.
  • Your membership will last until the 1st anniversary date of joining, at which point you will have the option to renew.
  • You have the option to order directly on my website, or via email at suzwinter@myctmh or by phone at 253-222-9802.
  • You will still qualify for any additional deals available from Close to My Heart available during your order period (s).

Now for the fine print: 

  • If you do NOT reach $200 in product purchases in the first four months, you will be dropped from the club.  You may re-enroll, but you start from $0 again.  I will send out a reminder prior to the expiration of the four months.
  • To redeem gift certificates, you MUST place your order by email or phone.  I can also provide a fax number if that is your preference.  You can not redeem gift certificates on my website.
  • Any amount on a redemption order that is over $25 will count towards your next gift certificate.  For instance, if you order $60 of products (not including tax and shipping), $35 will count towards your next certificate.
  • Gift certificates will only be given for cumulative purchase totals of $200.  No partial certificates will be rewarded.

Questions?  Be Sure to Email or Ask!

This offer is exclusive to Susan Winter, Independent Consultant, and is not available directly through Close to My Heart or any other consultant.

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