Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Card Finale and a Creation from LW

Between Mister's surgery last Tuesday (he's on the mend), and the bug I came down with in the meantime (is hacking up a lung just a saying, or is it really possible?), I haven't been as productive as I normally am.  I did spend the spare moments in the week to substantially finish this particular run of Christmas cards; some still need buttons, but I'll do that tomorrow after work.  I've got about 25 finished, but plan to do another design for the next 25.  Doing the same thing over and over gets old ;

LW also created this sweet little card for a friend who is having a tough time in her new job.

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  1. Hi Suz, this is Terri from Two Pink Peas (also known as Terri Tv). Thank you for visiting my blog and for posting my button on your website. I really appreciate it. Do you have a button that I could put on my blog for you? Also, would you mind changing the name from Terri Tv to Two Pink Peas that is above my button? Terri Tv was just a temporary name that I used while setting up Two Pink Peas. Thanks so much!! I love all of your work, you really do great cards. Terri TwoPinkPeas.Blogspot.Com